hey man thanks for looking at my sources. i'm a tertiary source so the worst thing you can do is blindly take my word for it.

Reddit thread with email from current Jazwares CEO
Article about Squishmallows boycott
Another article about Squishmallows boycott
Jazwares begins working with Sanrio for Hello Kitty and Friends


i know it can be hard to boycott something you love. boycotting in general can be difficult, and it's easy to feel like you aren't making an impact. here are some resources to hopefully help us boycott more effectively without mentally draining ourselves. /pos
How to Boycott
Difference between boycotting and cancelling
Do Boycotts Actually Work?
Starbucks Hurt by Boycotts
Starbucks Boycott is Effective

(btw this is that website im always yapping about if u want to snoop around)